North carolina sex education. Peer-reviewed research has conclusively shown:

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The bill also would require parental consent for students to learn where contraception or abortion referral services can be obtained.

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Content Requirements What does sexuality education have to include?

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According to the North Carolina Essential Standards for Health Education, in third through fifth grade, students discuss how to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy interpersonal relationships.

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Many great resources exist to help you select a curriculum.

A independent survey of parents of North Carolina public school students shows overwhelming support for school-based sexuality education.

A promising curriculum has been developed using the same processes and standards as an evidence-based program, and has undergone an initial evaluation.

Second, most schools seem to prefer opt-out processes because it places less administrative onus on teachers, parents, and school personnel to track permission slips from every student, and allows the school to be more responsive to the small number of objecting parents.

Schools handle this requirement in different ways.

Offer the student basic medical facts about their situation.

Parents What role do parents play?

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