post hookup eyelids and lashes, and then blot the oil and makeup off with a cotton pad.">

Natural ways to make your eyelashes grow. It discolored my upper lids and made a fine dark fur grow on the outer corners of my lower lids.

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By your tips, I have been using hexane free castor oil last three months, Am very happy to see some improvement in my eyelashes.

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Dab a small amount of olive or castor oil on your eyelids at the base of your eyelashes every night to encourage longer, thicker lashes.

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Thank you.

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Thanks Aysha, that makes sense!

I really love going natural too and that was one of the reasons why I opted for it since it was made from Natural ingredients.

Don't freak out, because essential oils aren't corrosive, and they won't hurt your eyelashes.

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Good news for people struggling with sparse or thin eyelashes — you can up your eyelash game by following a few easy-to-do, all-natural beauty remedies and self-care tips.

Some said it changed their lives, other said it did nothing.