Natural way to get bigger breasts. Although it can be tricky to get bigger breasts without surgery, help is on the way.

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Wearing a bra that fits you perfectly.

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Also, make sure to go for clothes that enhance your figure.

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You simply massage your breasts with this cream every day for few minutes and take 1 pill before first meal and your boobs will become larger and firmer in just about a month…And I can tell you, it simply works!!!

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Hormonal imbalance can cause smaller breast size.

I have the same prob…let me know if anything helps.

Use a push up bra that is smaller than your boobs to push them up and make them look bigger.

This type of bra may not make your breasts bigger permanently.

How to perform the breast enlargement massage technique First and foremost, you need to apply some oil or gel to reduce any discomfort that may occur from friction.