My girlfriend always wants sex. Also many times women who are very sexual have Borderline Personality Disorder, so there might be other aspects about her that turn you off.

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But there are certainly some.

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You really need to talk to her about this in terms that are focused on you.

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However, if you don't discuss it with your partner and reach a compromise you can both live with, it can have really toxic effects on the relationship.

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Have you tried discussing this with her?

Concentrate, instead, on her words and attitude.

If only he would talk with her about her day, she would want to have sex.

FWIW I think lydhre's comment addresses it especially well.

My sex drive was definitely lower, although it was just as much the need to get things done in a day even if I was as turned on as she was.

I also do not think her feeling rejected obligates you to have sex with her at all.

That is still the plan for Saturday, right?

And yes, the optimal state of a sexual relationship is neither party feeling pressured and both parties feeling satisfied.

If you both agree to take sex off the table for a while, then that will force both of you to find new ways to express lovingness without the sex.