don t talk with your mouth full the big stories that I want to talk about with folks is the story of equity and the story of social justice, and how do we make those ideas live in our schools and live in our classrooms, and how do we empower our students to take action towards a more just world, and to take action to create a more just world?">

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A mother of three in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Stephanie subscribes to the mantra:

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We should be looking into legal action against California Department of Education and Tom Torlakson for promoting an educational framework … Read More.

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Know your rights.

We the parents and families of our children are in a better position to determine the growth and identities of our child or children than a person s that is directed by the governing state.

Click the link to the California Department of Education and scroll down.

Our children deserve better than this farce of transgender nude sex scandel, and soon, public schools up and down the state will feel the sting of parents revolting against this forced indoctrination one way or another.

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