Mens hair styles for thick hair. Black men who prefer sporting longer locks should always keep afros in mind.

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Some hair just wants to stick straight up.

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A nice perk about this haircut is that you can choose any length you want for the top part, as long as the sides and back are card captors sakura sex down accordingly.

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If you go for long thick hair, you can keep an equally thick beard in mind.

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The style works well with medium thickness hair and angular faces.

Here you can admire yet another effortless hairstyle for men with thick hair.

Shaved and braided is the way to go.

Simple, practical and flattering for thick hair.

As for the top part of your hair, go for rugged and careless.

This natural-looking hairstyle owes its success sex story his flawless medium length haircut, flattering for guys with longer faces.

When you visit your stylist, all that needs to be done is to trim the tips to prevent split ends.

Aside from the long bangs tossed to the side, this hairdo shines through an icy platinum blonde color.