Men and women sex pills. Scientists went back to the drawing board and tried to create a similar product, but with fewer side effects.

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Nowadays, Spanish fly products are FDA compliant.

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For many centuries, people have been looking for a natural remedy to increase sexual desire.

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To achieve the desired effects, you should take the recommended dosage.

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In most cases, the user needs to just drip a few drops into a beverage, drink it and wait a few moments [see specific dosage of the product you use].

Caffeine stimulates the whole brain system and body, what leads to short term relief of fatigue and drowsiness.

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Contains natural ingredients, the use of which promotes hormone balance, as demonstrated by recent studies.

Flavonoids are the part which may represent in its pro-sexual effect.

With the right Spanish Fly product, there is no risk of overdose, but be careful which product you buy and where you buy it.

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