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The ADHD spouse has to be understanding about the unintended damage done; mine was angry and resentful that I felt unloved, especially after the diagnosis, when he thought all should be forgiven.

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For example, a partner with undiagnosed ADHD may be distracted, paying little attention to those he loves.

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The person you loved has become a control freak, trying to manage the details of your life.

He was willing to take the drugs, but not so willing to do much more than acknowledge his diagnosis as a part of who he is.

In time, my husband was also diagnosed with ADHD.

Either of these scenarios can ultimately result in the end of a relationship.

In other words, build on your partner's strengths while avoiding potentially difficult situations.

It's important to understand the disorder and its symptoms while also remembering the wonderful things about your spouse that brought you into the relationship in the first place.

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