Lush hair mask for damaged hair. What a nightmare.

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Lush Cosmetics is officially re- launching an all-new line of hot oil treatments for your hair.

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Will it be the miraculous cure your hair has been searching for?

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I am so disappointed in this product!

This hot oil treatment is meant to be used on dry hair, so start with detangled, dry hair.

Time-consuming and messy What they claim:

Applying it to my hair was sticky and messy.

I wanted to try and avoid putting any chunky bits in my hair but honestly that was really hard with the consistently the way it was.

Washing it out was a huge challenge.

Apply to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes before shampooing, to allow the ingredients to get to work, hydrating and replenishing your crowning glory.

The Body Shop.

Lush Damaged Hot Oil Treatment is a solid hair treatment for over-processed, bleached, straightened or continuously blown-out hair.