Jojoba oil for facial hair. It looks a bit like a coffee bean, but is much larger and the shapes are hard to predict.

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The fact that the oil is very light and non-greasy means you can probably do it every day.

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Skin is the largest organ of the body and will absorb everything that is put on it and disperse it, organic is the way to go if you can manage the price.

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But a word of caution here.

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More and more shampoos and conditioners are now being made with jojoba oil as a key ingredient, which is a great alternative to the old, chemical based shampoos and moisturizers that half the time ended up stripping and damaging hair rather than making it healthier.

At its most basic, that is all there is to it.

Beard growth:

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It dissolves and clears these blockages and promotes the development of new hair cells, which leads to hair growth

Hair loss on the head can be caused by the same clogged up sebaceous glands.