Islami sex. Those were the prostitutes who used to fix flags at their doors as sign, and he who would wished, could have sexual intercourse with them.

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One of the areas of Islamic sexual jurisprudence in which there are not many restrictions is the discussion of sexual techniques.

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Under Islam, sexual intercourse is regarded as a loving act within marriage and should only be by mutual consent.

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Narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas:

The hadith are reports of Muhammad's sayings and deeds from those close to him in his lifetime.

It is like a male devil meeting a female devil in the road and having intercourse with her whilst the people are watching.

Prophet Muhammad also declared marital sex as charity:

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This is the main purpose for marriage.

Therefore, in order to fully satisfy his wife, a man should caress her and engage in foreplay so that both partners reach climax at the same time.

Rauf from his book 'Marriage in Islam'.

Marriage with an idolatress or idolater is forbidden 2: