Is it safe to text credit card info. If either phone ends up in the wrong hands and the text message has not been deleted, it could pose a problem.

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Email was not created with data privacy in mind.

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Her one exception is to send a check by certified mail, requiring a signature, or using tracking information to ensure it arrives at its destination.

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Most major retail sites use enhanced security features around transactions, but to be sure, Alvarez recommends checking their URL.

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Some keys have an expiration time, providing additional protection.

Call the credit card company and discuss it with them.

As long as both fax machines transmit and receive through the traditional method over telephone lines as opposed to Internet faxingthe process poses minimal privacy threat.

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It can be used to open accounts, steal tax refunds and commit many other kinds of fraud.

Consider installing a text message encryption app on your phone that has self-destruct functionality.