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Teachers may have more opportunities to observe sibling dynamics in school settings, but unless they are sensitized to the dynamics of sibling incest, they are unlikely to discern indicators that could lead to uncovering the secret.

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This led to Osiris marrying his sister Isis due to limited options of gods and goddesses to marry.

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Furthermore, a beard began to grow on my face.


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In moderate doses, rivalry may be a healthy indication that each child is assertive enough to express his or her differences with other siblings.

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Sibling rivalry can continue into adulthood and sibling relationships can change dramatically over the years.

We spent two years like this, and in this period of time I felt very good and found peace.

When he came out, he looked at me with a disdainful look that really scared me, then he started talking to his friends and I noticed that everyone turned to look at me, they looked at me with morbidity and mockery.