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If you have a dream about someone. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.

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Every action and thought is motivated by our unconscious at some level.

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It sounds like you were doing well.

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These people made an impression on you.

Rubbing your hands and arms together can ground you in the dream.

According to DreamBible, it doesn't necessarily mean you secretly harbor feelings for them.

You probably just came by wondering what your dream meant, but why not learn how to control your dreams whilst you're here?

The first most common interpretation is that you wish to better yourself or do what this individual is doing.

Finally, one should keep in mind that, answers pertaining to the exact origin of dreams remain shrouded in mystery.

Our subconscious mind provides the buried thoughts and feelings with an outlet in the form of dreams.

Have a great day, Elaine!

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