Identify tree sex. This normally leads emo whores sex videos sexually antagonistic selection on genes underlying the traits in question, and in theory, resolving sexual conflict should lead to different phenotypes reflecting male and female fitness optima 46 —

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The Tree of Sex Consortium.

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Plant Biol.

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Thus, if it contains flowers, it could have male flowers and produce pollen, as well as female flowers and produce fruit.

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Muchero W, et al.

Only female plants will produce enough THC to be used as medicine, but they won't create much if they become fertilized.

Soolanayakanahally, J.

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Are some sexual systems more transient than others?

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Start with a hermaphrodite papaya tree that you are sure is not GMO, possibly one you have had tested, and that is a good strong tree bearing papayas you find delicious.