I just want to feel good again. Last name.

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We evolve.

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But there's also lots of ways to help cope without it too; like trying to spend more time doing naked pics of older women that you enjoy, catching up with friends or meeting new people or even just talking about how you're feeling so you don't have to bottle it up.

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Our bodies need time for growth and change.

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I understand that you have experienced Anxiety in the past a feel that you have it under control which is great news by the way!

Take time out for yourself, have a nice relaxing bath or even better have a cup of tea!

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If you don't mind me asking i'm curious to know if you have ever experienced depression?

Can depression really make you feel like crap?

My OCD is milder and more manageable now, thanks to antidepressants and increased resilience and awareness.

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Find something that helps you appreciate your body, such as prayer, meditation or sitting in stillness.