I broke the no contact rule. Catfishing your ex will only serve to destroy any element of trust that existed between you.

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He answers back that he overreacted and that he would like to call me.

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Then, one day I sent out my final text message and I was done for good.

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The world is full of amazing people and wonderful opportunities.

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One day he tells me he never loved me, and it came across as a shock.

Furthermore, being labelled as a friend means that you are highly unlikely to ever become anything more than that.

While I don't doubt that you are close to her, you should not have involved her in this.

Make no mistake, when you and your boyfriend split up, you are likely going to be mad, possibly really angry.

How long you do it for and whether you can end it sooner than planned are very popular questions.

You have managed to go a whole 30 days without contacting your former partner.

Arrange for someone to let him know you are fine and while you received his messages, you need some quiet time.

Breaking up Romantic Relationships:

Continuing to live your life as you have been doing gives you less time to fret about your ex and more time to concentrate on the present.