I am having sex with ghosts. Amanda Teague, who claims to have married the ghost of an 18th-century pirate.

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In season five, Denny Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns in a strange series of sexy hallucinations, leading Izzie to shut her invisible boyfriend and herself off in the break room for some mind-blowing ghost sex.

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The seller of the Hecate Moondrake Vampire Succubus and the Inseparable Succubus Twins has percent positive feedback from ratings.

It's pretty much just Kesha and Paranormal 2 actress Natasha Blasick.

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So then I was like, "OK, I'm going in my room to do this now," and she was like, "OK," in a way that I think implied she still loved me as much as she did before I proposed having sex with a ghost.

The first season of American Horror Story wasted no time in letting viewers know exactly what kind of batshit-insane show they were watching.

Sian Jameson was taken with an old Welsh painting of a man dating back to the s.

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Then again, I did say that I wanted her to be funny, so who knows!

The truly amazing thing about the succubi sold on eBay is how positive their sellers' ratings are.