How to wear weight lifting straps. Learn them here.

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You can injure your wrists by relying too heavily on them to lift the weight, so use your grip as well.

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For pulling movements, where intensity techniques are implemented, straps are actually a preferred setup in order to maximize the challenge of each set.

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Anyone who ever uses lifting straps needs to quit being such a weak little girl and man the F up!

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Your hand goes through the space created by a looped strap so that the strap rests on the back of your hand just below your wrist.

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Rather than try to explain it, the best way to understand would be to actually see them in action.

If straps tend to feel a little uncomfortable and dig into your wrists, these are the solution.

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But once you're close to your physical potential, more glaring weak links will eventually come to the forefront of training.

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