How to tell if a person is jealous of you. Read more about Power of Positivity

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If she's doing it just to provoke a reaction, and you don't react, she'll eventually stop.

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Does your friend seem to take a weird joy in bursting your bubble?

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Handling Friendship Problems In other languages:

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They may constantly have a smug look on their face when you are going through a tough time or when someone else makes nasty comments towards you.

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They're always happy to rain on your parade.

More often than not, every compliment they give has an insult hidden underneath.

Because they are jealous of you!

It seems much harder to deal with when other people feel jealous towards us, though.

They may post overly happy or positive things about their own life.

Sometimes just reassuring a jealous friend that she'll always have a special place in your heart is enough.