How to slap a girls butt. Most often used in a context that involves a person describing the poor state of something, such as a meal or TV show.

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He probably wanted a piece of it anyway!

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How do you slap girls butt without getting is any trouble?

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Alternatively, standing positions have a great deal to recommend them - especially with the glorious halle berry sex com of a full-length mirror - but work best with her leaning onto, say, the curling end of a chaise longue.

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I'd be sure to ask the girl before you do it.

Tina butt slapped John before he walked up to bat, knowing that the game was up to him and needs a base hit or walk to win the game.

Slap a little lower like where the cheek meets the leg

By Tim Samuels.

Remember, a little colour at the time may show as heavy bruising later, so if in doubt, go cautiously; if her skin goes blotchy, stop immediately.

And everything to do with how you make her FEEL.

It means you have a nice butt.

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