How to shine a leather jacket. To determine if your leather is painted or analin, put a but of mineral water on it.

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Remove objects from the pockets to avoid stretching the wet leather, and keep it away from direct heat sources, such as radiators or airing cupboards.

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So those opting for dry-cleaning should expect a color change, a different feel almost mimicking a leather jacket that belongs to someone else.

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Perhaps even owning many leather jackets, including suede or some other style, such as leather motorcycle jackets.

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However, the same does not necessarily apply to leather jackets or any leather products for that matter.

There are many ways to clean your leather jacket lining using plain old lukewarm water and detergent among a few other ways.

If the water beads on the leather, it should be able to withstand being wiped down with a wet towel.

In this post, we cover the following simple, yet very effective ways to clean your leather jacket and more.