How to set a moon phase watch. On top of this, several long or short months can happen in a raw and the phase calculated this way can be off by almost one day.

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Moon and moon-phase settings - Set the moon phase to full moon and then align the moon index with the meridian M.

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Please, wind your watch by hand before correcting any of the displays.

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We have also added the days until a full moon to help even further with the proper setting.

How to set the leap year indicator.

In order to precisely calculate the correct phase, a very good reference is a book written Jean Meeus called "Astronomical Formulas For Calculators" which explains many astronomical algorithms and how to implement them.

This type of watch is perhaps the most elemental in its graphical representation of the passage of time, as opposed to the more precise and sterile hands and numbers that other complications use.

Knowing the age of the moon is already better, since one can set the dial for a new moon and than count the ticks from there, knowing that nude latin women wanting sex is one or two ticks per day, depending on the mechanism.