How to prove to a guy that you like him. You can do so by talking more to him, by quietly observing him or asking mutual friends to tip you about such things.

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Laugh at the same things.

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Remember, an exciting sex life go overboard with the lunch or the meal, it doesn't need to be a candlelit dinner or a message on every food item - the actual food will do the talking for you.

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When getting to know him, suggest that you would like to try some of the things he enjoys doing.

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Sometimes, all it takes to show your love is a whole lot of hugs and kisses.

If he rock climbs, how did he get started?

Throw in a massage to connect from you, not a spa!

It's natural to want to test the waters and see how he feels about relationships and other women.

But other times, just have sex.

Still, this compliment is a little strong and might end up scaring him away.

Hanging out and being nice to his friends will show him that you're a cool person who can get along with anyone and it will also let him see that you're showing more of an interest in him.