How to pre sex plants. Another foolproof method to know the sex of the marijuana plant before they reach maturity is to clone them.

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Knowing the plant gender is helpful because most hobbyist cannabis growers would like to identify and remove male plants from the grow room early gang rap sex the growing process.

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This female plant has a long, thin calyx and crossed stipules, which are typical female plant features In this pic, you can see white pistils emerging from the calyxes.

These plants are hermaphrodites and will pollinate your plants when they are mature.

They are easily distinguished by the appearance of pairs of tiny white hairs, known as pistils.

If your clone was from a female plant which is most likely the case if you purchased it from a dispensary the clone will grow to be a female plant as well, so no need to worry.

Male flowers, or staminate, will have a calyx roundish growth that is raised on a short, tiny stem.