How to overcome traumatic experiences. Bottling them up can make you feel worse and can damage your health.

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Nurture your body and mind with yoga.

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With the guidance of your therapist, return to the scene of the event and recreate the sensations you felt when it happened.

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Don't allow yourself to be pressured to "get over" your trauma or heal prematurely.

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Home Mental health Problems and disorders Coping after a traumatic event.

He does not want to hurt his family.

Take some time to get back to your old routine.

Other normal emotional responses to traumatic events include:.

There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Exposure to:

Children are assessed through activities and therapeutic relationship, some of the activities are play genogram, sand worlds, coloring feelings, Self and Kinetic family drawing, symbol work, dramatic-puppet play, story telling, Briere's TSCC, etc.

Tranquillisers There are drugs that can help to reduce the anxiety that can follow a trauma.

They can also cause depression and other health problems.