How to last longer during sex naturally. In some situations, your partner may want to consider seeing a doctor.

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Ask a guy who doesn't like wearing condoms why he feels that way and he's bound to tell you, "It doesn't feel as good.

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Just remember to be a passionate lover!

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Just be sure to use a lot of lotion or lube while you practice edging to avoid chafing, she adds.

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Just remember that you will need to develop both your physical skills and your mental focus.

If you have well trained pelvic muscles, you can extreme dick sex the squeeze-and-hold-technique, allowing you to hold in your ejaculation when orgasming, without losing your erection.

Foreplay can greatly increase the sexual experience in terms of both time and pleasure.

Natural solutions may not present the same risks or drug interactions, and some, such as the first two, may actually improve overall health.

Learn what causes morning wood, what it means if you stop having these erections, and more.

Zinc is found in many herbal male enhancement supplements, and with good reason.

The first step in kegel exercises is to identify your pelvic floor muscle by stopping in the middle of urination.

Because you had so many experiences of finishing too fast, your subconscious starts to accept it as the standard and strives to fulfill it.

In some situations, your partner may want to consider seeing a doctor.