Oxford sex shop many cases, people with this personality type simply prefer to choose their words carefully and not waste time or energy on needless chit-chat.">

How to know if you are an introvert. Extroverts get their energy from socializing and being around other people.

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In fact, you look forward to it.

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How do you mentally or emotionally recharge?

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Consider your reactions around people.

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Realize that people can learn to go "against type" in certain situations.

We visit the world of people, but solitude and the inner world will always be our home.

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According to estimates, extroverts outnumber introverts by about three to one.

Whatever your preferred solo activity is, you do it as much as your schedule allows.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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They psychologist Hans Eysenck suggested that these arousal levels could be thought of as a continuum.