How to keep her chasing you. Take a shower, get your hair cut, dress nice and make sure your overall look is appealing.

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If your girlfriend has left you or is pulling away from you, I know exactly what to do to help you get your girlfriend back.

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But if you are a confident man, these tactics are the equivalent of a nuclear weapon.

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They are going to be attracted to you and hence the chasing will start.

Women who are suffering in boredom at a lack of variety in their lives find a man who can deliver new and fresh attraction consistently to be like an oasis amidst a desert, and they see a man who provides attraction ONCE to be a flash in the pan and no more.

Because just like the friend zone drives guys to become a little bit… needy, it also does the same thing to girls.

When you intrigue a girl, the sky is the limit.

By the worlds 1 dating coach for Introverted Men - Nick Neeson.