How to hook up a trailer hitch. If your trailer was to detach from the ball hitch for any reason, these chains would prevent your vehicle from completely separating from the trailer.

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When attaching a trailer, it is often helpful to have someone guide your steering as you back your vehicle towards the trailer.

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The friendly trailer-hitch counterman points to the display of electrical black nut sex and suggests that if you can't get them working on your own, he can have a mechanic do it for you, first thing Monday morning.

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That's fine--until you realize the trailer uses a single 2-filament bulb for all three functions.

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Odds are, if you looked at the wiring on one of these rigs, you'd see wires twisted together and insulated with electrical tape.

Other common styles of connectors use five, six or seven pins, and these are the styles you'll see installed by the manufacturers on new vehicles.

You'll know it when you feel it, everything will settle into place.

Without them, you would only be able to view a fraction of the roadway at a time and your odds of a collision would skyrocket.

Before you start driving, you should always make sure the trailer lights are working.

Transit Vans are generally not able to tow any type of trailer, let alone one requiring electric brakes 7-pin.

With the coupler sitting securely on the hitch ball, reverse the process of unlocking the coupler latch to lock it in place.