How to have sex in a car video. Oral sex can be fun, but I advise against the risky 'road head' as it could end in disaster.

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People rate backseat car sex as 4.

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Unfortunately, compact sedans weren't exactly made to have two grown adults going at it in the backseat.

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Out of the all the other vehicle options out there, sex in an SUV has the highest satisfaction rating at 3.

Trying to hook up in a small car can be a huge challenge, which is why millennials say they prefer hooking up in an SUV over any other type of vehicle.

When it read short sex stories to outside of the car, people prefer standing against it while using it for support more than actually going up on the roof and doing it there or on top of the hood.

One of the best things about hooking up in a car is the ability to do it anywhere you want.

The second most popular place to do it inside a car is in the passenger seat, followed by the driver's seat.

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While SUVs are one of the best hookup vehicles, sedans are the most common cars to use.