How to get black and shiny hair. Look for all-natural products that don't contain the following ingredients:

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Many think that their hair is natural black but in fact, it is a dark brown shade.

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We all love a little bling, but dousing hair with shine products that contain mica can rough up the hair shaft and work against your natural gleam.

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Who hasn't had a hair loss scare?

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Well, maybe, but the Brazilian Blowout, also known as a keratin treatment, comes close.

What do I do if my hair is frizzy?

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Satin or silk will preserve your hair in its natural, non-frizzy state.

Thanks alot for these remedies.

Apply a shine serum every day.

Right before you get out of the shower, blast your mop with really cold water.

Apple cider vinegar is used in a whole gamut of home remedies that offer something for everyone.

Add two tablespoons to a cup of water and rinse your hair after shampooing.