How to fix sex toys. Here are some tips on fixing common problems with battery powered sex toys and vibrators:

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If you don't plan to use your sex toy for a while more than 1 month you may want to store it with at least a 30 - 50 percent charge because storing a fully discharged battery in a sex toy for naked granny sex video long period can cause it to lose its charging capacity.

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I have had it for about a year and a half now and i have never had problems with it before.

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You may find you can get a replacement.

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I am having the same problem I checked for rust or dust and there isn't any.

Hi Haley, Is your vibrator still under warranty?


To stop the batteries from running down while the sex toy sits on the store shelf, waiting for someone to buy it, the manufacturers often put a small tab of plastic or paper between the battery and the connection point.

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Pulling up the connectors.

Then take the unused item, in its original condition, along with your receipt or proof of purchase, back to the store you bought it pantyhose penny loafers and one of our helpful Sales Assistants will be able to advise you on getting an exchange, refund, or store credit note if the item is faulty.

Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions as they better understand the requirements for their products and the batteries that they have used in their product.