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In many women phone sex, remaining entangled with an ex can cause you to not move on and you can easily miss the opportunity to find a wonderful new person more suited to you for the future.

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Pick a time when you know you'll be in a relatively calm emotional state.

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Be honest but don't give too much detail.

Express your sadness at the breakup and share some good things about your time together.

Let's leave it at that.

If it gets too out of control, just leave and let him cool down——but be sure women sex forum assure him that you will be willing to come back later, when he is calmer.

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When you're head-over-heels in love with your partner, it can be hard to even imagine the possibility of breaking up — but the unfortunate truth is that many long-term relationships, even the ones most filled with love, aren't always built to last.

Just be honest about why the relationship needs to end, whether it's because you're feeling suffocated, manipulated, or disrespected.