How to clean a washer and dryer. First, these instructions are for a top loading washer.

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And, of course, dryer lint not only affects how well your dryer functions; it can also cause fires that destroy property and threaten lives.

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Strike 3 for this poor appliance.

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Or put vinegar in a sprayer.

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Will this cleaning method still work as well?

Cleaning Tools April 21,

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As you stock up on detergent, fabric conditioner, and scent boosters, remember this:

If you have a front-loader, clean the rubber door gasket.

And at 1.

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I know the previous renters in my house used tons of commercial stuff because the whole laundry room reeked of it when we moved in…hence the disgusting washer!

If these cups are removable, take them out and rinse them under running water.