How to ask a girl to homecoming. That will never change, even as you get older.

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Ever since we met, I knew that we had a special connection and bond.

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Think of other girls if any that you'd like to ask out so that you're not left hanging in the event that your first choice says no.

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Write down a list of their interests.

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Give them a call and tell them to look out of the window so that they can see it.

Spelling out the question with small candles is a great romantic gesture.

A heart-felt card.

If you're using sativa sex sticky note method, use different colored sticky notes to spell out the words.

This will save you a lot of time and trouble, and allow you time to make other arrangements, if necessary.

Write down a list of their interests.

Leave a note in her locker or on the window-shield of her car.

I want to ask a girl to homecoming but don't know a way to ask and what if she says no?