How can men have sex alone. Laundry is exhausting.

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Here are some things you can try to make getting your rocks off during sex a little easier:.

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So it's important not to dismiss these statements as "excuses to avoid sex.

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Don't make promises you can't keep:

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And many times, that results in hurt feelings, overly high expectations, and careless treatment of sexual partners, especially when a person just isn't ready for all that sexual partnership requires.

But your body is not a home-improvement project.

Moving your hand in dating rrerre up-and-down motion is a tried-and-true masturbation technique — and for many people with a penis, it almost always leads to an orgasm.

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The male genitalia has three major uses.

Condoms are highly effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs, so it's worth finding the one that feels best for you.