Hook up 2 lights one switch. Ask Question.

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It is imperative that power be first turned off at the circuit breaker, and then tested at the switch and light fixtures to make sure they are indeed off prior to performing any electrical work on them.

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Connect the black wire coming from the light electrical box to the silver screw on the single pole light switch.

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For each fixture and switch you have the choice of nailing a rough-in box to a stud or rafter or mounting a remodeling box on the drywall.

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Make sure that when attaching wires to screws that the wires are bent into a curved shape that are mounted in a clockwise position around the screws.

Connect the black wire from the feed cable to the brass screw on the single pole light switch.

Wiring a Light Switch.

This process is free and there is no obligation to continue once you receive your house addition price estimate.

I'm looking at lighting a kitchen in a wood cabin and to under the sheets video sex trailers and make the wiring which will sit on the outside of the ceiling as neat as possible, I'm wondering if I can wire 3 separate lights in the fashion I've illustrated below taking an illustration that was done for 2 lights and trying to add a third, but not in a daisy chain fashion.

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