Her friends and sex toy. Mental health How to zap work worries, beat stress and raise your life expectancy Stress and anxiety at work is a killer — but these tips can help you tackle the negative feelings the 9 to 5 can bring.

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Part of that change could be credited to Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha, who brought the conversation about women's pleasure onto American women's TV screens.

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It's about the message.

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She didn't want to rush things and jump into bed with him because she liked him, and didn't want it to be just about sex.

If your bestie is a traditionalist, get her the tried and true classic vibrator that will knock her socks off.

I love the Vesper by Crave and have been singing its praises since it launched.

But that's not to say that unhindered sex talk and vibrator-swapping are inherently markers of intimacy.

I derive pleasure from the fact that it is mine and only mine and, occasionally, my sexual partner's.

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