Hair growth oils for blacks. Combined with other essential oils, it makes a natural hair re-growth scalp treatment.

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When shopping for shea butter, look for a pale yellow color which is closely related to how unrefined it is.

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When used in combination with zinc it helps eliminate dandruff problems.

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Each has its own unique features and functions that also benefit the skin covering other parts of the body.

But nothing comes close to the original oil itself — brown, syrupy, and magical.

These ingredients have inspired my anti-dandruff oil for natural hair, which is what I now use to get rid of dandruff on my hair.

You can use it to massage your scalp.

Multi-purpose claim:

It contains more good cholesterol than bad ones.

Apply the mixture directly on the scalp, while massaging gently with the fingertips completely covering each strand of hair.

The castor bean is native to Eastern Africa and made its way to Jamaica via the slave trade.