Had sex before ovulation avoid pregnancy. I personally forgot a phone call Leather postcards sex had this morning that was in both my phone and computer calendars, so I wouldn't trust myself to monitor my cycle, even with an app.

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The most effective methods of contraception are long-acting reversible contraceptive methods, such as the contraceptive injectioncontraceptive implantintrauterine system Mirena and intrauterine device IUD.

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Ovulation is the release of an egg from one of the ovaries.

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Tracking your cervical mucus for either fertility or contraception is inexpensive and doesn't have any side effects.

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From worsening anxiety to making depression more likely, sugar is seriously harmful to your mental health.

The egg released is viable for 12 to 24 hours.

If you've had unprotected sex or your contraception has failed, emergency contraception can help prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

The cervical mucus method is sometimes combined with another method of natural family planning, such as tracking basal body temperature.

This mucus will be clear and stretchy.

Birth control pill.

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In addition, the risk of unintended pregnancy with the cervical mucus method is somewhat higher than with other methods of birth control.