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My personal observation is that the gay boys are a lot more stories of women and revenge sex to be having sex in high school than they were when I was in high school in the 80s, but that otherwise, little has changed except frequency of condom use from almost nil to most of the kids, most of the time.

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Rumors of bowling parties go back to the sixties and seventies.

We were bombarded with examples and statistics of young females, but the role that boys play in this culture went completely unacknowledged.

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What an odd thing to say.

There's also the chance to moralize.

A few years ago a producer from 60 Minutes contacted me about some stuff I wrote about the black market for pharmaceutical narcotics in Philly and was pushing me really hard to help them do a story on "bowling parties" sex pro adventures blog kids were supposedly emptying the contents of their parents' medicine cabinets into bowls and inviting their friends over to take whatever pills were in there.

Wow, so that's what it means when they say "My pokemons.