Gemini man and virgo women. I am a Gemini male and my first love was a Virgo.

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He's distant, we don't sleep together because I don't trust him, and he's ok with that.

When they are on their first dates, the Virgo woman and the Gemini man will struggle to impress each other.

Is Gemini man and Virgo wom good for marriage?

On the other hand, the Gemini man is not very good at this, as he belongs to the Air element which makes him disengaged with the world around him.

He really does feel right.

Nearly every experience is a good one for a Gemini man, whether it is a struggle to solve a problem or meeting a new friend.

The Gemini is led more by his head than his heart and is often unfairly called cold or distant.

Oh boy, we have different styles with problem solving and confrontation.

We broke up after 14 months in a bad way.