Gemini guy and capricorn girl. As they embark on a venture of togetherness, they begin to discover each other's traits that lead them on a track that is both fascinating and frustrating.

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I ignored him and continued on with my life and he couldn't stand it.

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I kind of drive myself crazy inside not knowing how to project.

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He comes across mysterious at times and initially didnt overtly show his feelings.

All fun but less romantic, right?

Together they can build wonderful dreams and bring them to realization as well with faith in their love.

We aren't together yet because we don't live in the same state anymore though I believe she will move back and we will be together.

I really wished she stuck around during those struggling days as today with our success we cud have been a powerhouse.

A lot of tears have been shed over the last six years, and I would RUN from this relationship if I could.

Different people.