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Soupy I have always maintained that my personal fight for gay rights represents the right for all gay people to be free and themselves.

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The gay liberation movement, which was happening during the sexual revolution, happened before my time had come, but I was aware of sex ped.

The fact that your lifestyle is not unlike mine is not relivant -depending on how open minded you are to our community encoumpassing all kinds of choices.

In order for our community to attempt to come together, we would do ourselves a great favor by acknowledging our diversity, and respecting one another for exercising our own freedom of choice and liberty.

But I do take exception to the notion that this type of grubby behavior is a definition of gay rights.

I never knew what to expect.

In the pre-AIDS days, years ago, my god, it was such a exciting place to be.

You had to be confident of yourself and usually you experience sexuality on a desubjectified level which has none of the interpersonal bundaries.