Gather the dragon balls. Access the pedestal to summon Shenron and see all of the available wish options.

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For example, when King Piccolo wished for youth, he was not reduced to an infant, but rather, appeared in his prime.

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Before they can fight over who will get to make a wish, pics of hot sexy couples Future Warrior appears and they form a temporary truce to deal with the Patroller but are ultimately defeated by the Warrior and Future Trunks.

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The Dragon has discretion to change a wish at the last minute, provided the original wisher consents to the change.

Additionally, the story of the hero may have been created by Kami to inspire the people of Earth to use the Dragon Balls for good.

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Then, after your wish has been selected, you collect the Dragon Balls again in the play-through.

Another restriction is that it cannot kill enemies that exceed the creator's power.

However, this is still consistent with the theory that an eternal dragon can interpret wishes; Porunga is much more cynical than Shenronand so it makes sense that he would twist a wisher's words out of sheer spite.