Female oral sex positions. The best oral sex positions do a lot more than create specific angles and access to sensitive spots; they communicate your feelings and excitement about receiving it.

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Their books and videos offer time-tested strategies based on human anatomy, psychology and an understanding of the social nature of human sexuality.

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A Softer Side She lies on her side while you rest your head against her thigh for a slower, more intimate oral experience.

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In the Lay Back Jack aka "The Usual" Position, the guy simply lays back while his partner performs oral from a lying position between his legs.

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Combine both orgasmic purposes while "shelling" her clit with your tongue, aim for her G-spot with the savvy curve of an ergonomic G-spot toy.

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Boost the arousal with exquisite nipple or breast play using perky sex toys that will make her the Empress of O-Land.