Factors affecting premarital sex standards. When two isn't better than one:

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Several studies have found that girls in non-intact or female-headed families are more likely than those in intact or male-headed families to initiate sexual activity early Zelnik et al.

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The most important recent work in this area was conducted by Philliber a, b in her model of population socialization which includes socialization for sexual activity as well as for childbearing and childrearing.

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For example, among black teen females, Hogan and Kitagawa found that, controlling for other factors such as socioeconomic status, daughters in very large families more than 5 children were more likely than free full video sex sites in smaller families 0 to 5 children to initiate sexual activity early.

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Nor does having had intercourse as a teenager imply casual sex, that is, sex with a large number of partners or with casual acquaintances.

There is one study so far with data on television viewing at two points in time and information on sexual experience.

In 12 percent of Hispanic versus 6 and 3 percent of non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic black teens were currently married, and 20 percent of Hispanic versus 8 percent of non-Hispanic white and 4 percent of non-Hispanic black teens had ever been married.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Comparing never married teens only, Hispanic teen women are least likely to be sexually active—37 percent, compared with 39 percent of non-Hispanic white and other teens and 57 percent of non-Hispanic black teens Torres and Singh,

Influence of Indecent Dressing:

Drinking alcohol decrease self control and predispose to risky behavior such as sexual intercourse [ 39 - 41 ].

They have contributed to major changes in social and sexual behavior among teenagers 78.

The strong points of the current study include maintaining strict privacy and observing rights of the participants.