Everything but the ben and jerrys. It's not listed on the website as of yet, but I'm thinking it may have taken the place cuger sex "vanilla sandwich"?

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I just bought a pint of Everything but the, and i have to say that it is a huge disappointment.

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The pieces range in size from about penny to thumbnail and there was about six or seven of them in the pint.

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If they had used a traditional Reeses cup, I think the mix would be outstanding.

The other two are a bit meh but they still give the pint a nice contrast.

The size and variety of mix ins is the point of this ice cream and that is completely successful.

Does have the slight gummy texture going on ,but seems less than some of the other flavors -Liz.

Skip to content As someone who loves mixins in expecting the holy grail of ice cream pints here.