Ends in sex. This fatalism suggests that interventions should help partners realistically evaluate their risks El-Bassel et al.

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Within this context, we examined how love and other emotions shaped sexual and drug-related HIV risk among sex workers and their intimate partners.

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Others said their relationships rescued them from loneliness and depression:

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These couples expressed strong feelings for each other and their relationships were central in their lives.

While their relationship has lasted over two years, she wondered if it would endure:.

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Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

Relationships varied in intensity and expression of these feelings.

Researchers suggest that disadvantaged women often engage in unprotected sex with steady partners for emotional and material security, as not using condoms is symbolic of trust and fidelity Rhodes and Cusick ; Sobo

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Scholars suggest that economic, social, and cultural shifts have transformed personal relationships to privilege emotional intimacy Smith ; Giddens

Couples whose relationships were based on drugs often injected in shooting galleries or other public places, punjabi sexy site provided opportunities to share drugs and syringes outside of the relationship.